Mining - Blue portal at home.
Living rocks - at yanille portal also at home
Pk portal - Red portal (next to mining)
Chaos ele - portal near prayer alter (Caution, very powerful)
Green/Red/Mithril/Black - Portal near entrance of bank
Jungle/Dessert/Ice wyrms - At home, wizard near prayer alter (ice wyrms hit 30)
Kalphite Queen-Near yew tree at home(Dangerous,and need full verec and rope)

Monster Teleport

Penguins - Very easy for new players
Rats - As again, easy for new players
Dagganoths - For more experienced players, as this also contains -
Daggonath Rex - Melee Protect
Daggonath Prime - Magic Protect
Daggonath Supreme - Ranged Protect
Island - This is more for medium players, as this contains -
Hill giants - Easy to kill
Moss giants - May need Melee Protect
Elf Warriors - Ranged Protect is a must.
Werewolfs - Easy to kill
Slayer tower - Below are the different monsters it contains -
Skeleton - Easy to kill (No Protect needed)
Basilisk - May need melee protect depending on your levels.
Jelly - Melee Protect
Turoth - Melee Protect
Dust Devil - Melee Protect (For experienced players)
Nechryael - Melee Protect (For experienced players)
Abyssal Demon - Melee Protect ( For experienced players)
Dark Beast - Melee Protect (For experienced players)
Infernal Mage - Magic Protect
Bloodveld - Melee Protect
Aberrant Spirit - Melee Protect
Gargoyle - Melee Protect (For experienced players)

Slayer Dungeon

Cave Crawler - Easy to kill
Rock slug - Easy to kill
Cockatrice - Easy to kill
Pyrefiend - Easy to kill
Elite Dungeon
Elite Black Knight - Melee Protect
Elite Dark Warrior - Melee Protect
Elite Dark Mage - Magic Protect
Elite Dark Ranger - Range Protect
Tormented Demon - Melee/Range/Mage (For Experienced Players)
Minigame Teleport
Pest control - Come here to get points and buy void
Fight pits -Here you can fight other players,
or train on tok monsters,or try to get firecape from Jad!
Assault -Here you kill guards to get rewards like
fighter torso,fighter hatRune defender,Penance skirt,
Penance gloves, Runner boots, Runner hat, Healer hat.
Duel arena - Fight to the death with your friends (You keep stuff)
Barrelchest - Here you can kill Barrelchest boss for his famous anchor!
Sled race - Race around the track for points to buy armour!
Killer Snail-You kill monsters with opponent,who ever does fastest wins, 
and these points can buy pets, and even primal!
Barrows - This is for killing each of the barrows brothers 
and opening the chest for a possible barrows loot.

City Teleport

Varrock -Here you can smith, and woodcut, and anything else you want to do.
Falador -Here you can explore and do quests.
Lumbridge-Here you can explore and also do quests.

Al karid-Here you can fight the famous Skeletal Horror and get the curses.
Argudone - Here you are able to train thieve!
Yanille-Here you can explore,and skill if you want somewhere peace and quiet!
Ape Atoll - here you can explore, kill things and go here for quests.
Catherby-Famous skilling area,you can fish,cook,
and speak to Freaky Forester to woodcut and farm!

Godwars Teleport - 4 Bosses here which include
General Grandoor-Famous for dropping bandos armour and bgs!
Commander Zilyana-Famous for dropping the sgs and sarasword!
'K'ril Tsutsaroth -Famous for dropping zgs.
Kree'arra-Famous for dropping armadyl armour and ags!

King Black Dragon Teleport -

KBD-Face the toughest meanest dragon which drops visage and statious and vesta!

Pk Teleport

High wildy(46 Wild)-Here you fight to the death
but there is a bank and a portal to escape.
Varrock - Classic pking like the old wildy, fight till your hearts content.
Mage bank - As again, you are able to teleport away by pulling lever.

Shops teleport

Giles - Sells amulets, gloves, armour and weapons.
Niles - Sells armour and weapons
Herquin - Sells basic stuff, you are able to sell your items to him.
Barker - Sells colourful tops and hats, for magic.
Thessalia - Sells worn skilling equipment.
Aubury - Sells runes and mage tabs.
Zaff - sells staffs and magic robes.
Fat Tony - Sells different sorts of food.
Alerna - Sells pk gear.
Amour saleman - sells ranged armour.
Brian - sells arrows, bows and other ammo.
Vannaka - Get slayer tasks from him and buy slayer equipment.
Dommik - Sells crafting items.
Mage of Zamarak - Teleports you to abyss for Runecrafting.

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