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-Full godwars, all 4 bosses & minions.

-Tormented demon with cave and all attacks.

-Skeletal horror

-Living rock creatures dropping Living minerals usefull for alot of stuff in fire blades.

-Kalphite queen HD perfect like rs.

-K’lut Zyris’ta CUSTOM BOSS Works perfect and is awesome to fight against.

-Dagganoth kings.

-King Black Dragon King of the dragon.


-All Sykerwyrms

-TzTok-Jad Full HD All attacks and everything!


-Duel arena works perfect all rules & staking

-Pest control With enemies

-Updated pest control rewards

-Killer snail Custom minigame Works perfect without any glitches or problems WIN PRIMAL or STAKE COINS.

-Sled race Custom minigame RACE AGAINS THE TIME!!!

-Barrelchest Custom minigame Fight your way trough the zombeez to face your final enemie and gain your reward.

-Barbarian Assault New reward system!

-Fight pit Fight agains your friends!

-Fight cave Get your very own fire cape

-Barrows Fight with the barrow brothers and gain your Barrow set


-Full Summoning Works perfectly.

Beast of burden, All familiars, Scroll attacks,

a good way to train the skill, all pets, Summons Fight besides you.

The skill doesnt effect your combat level.

All non-combat skills work perfectly at custom and usual ways.

their is putten much effort in every little detail of each and every skill.

-PK - Player Killing-

-Perfect Combat system

-Good hybriding

-Fast switches

-Pk point system + shop usefull rewards for pk

-Clan wars area High wildy level , awesome area for clans.

-Ancient curses Soulsplit, Turmoil,

Deflects, Leeches, Wrath all work perfectly. They also work against monsters.

-Some new areas-

-Elite dungeon Fight the elite warriors to obtain their armour

You can also fight agains the mighty Tormented demon for custom claws & dragon claws. and ofcource dragon plate lumps

-Slayer dungeon Filled with the exact monster as in runescape train some slayer here if you like.

-Brimhaven dungeon Filled with the exact monster as in runescape & also some mithril dragons.

-God wars area awesome battlefield exactly like runescape full of scary monsters. and behind the doors youll find great danger

-Woodcutting area Cool wc spot

-Farming area Cool farm spot

-Mining & smithing area Cool m&s spot

-Pharao cave Enter the cave and you will find the gardian of the ancient curses, you think you can beat it?

-Other intrestin features-

-51 Custom interfaces Witch gives fireblade’s an awesome look

-Custom gameframe in -runescape/fireblade style with status orbs, zoom functions resting options New tabs New chatbox look.

-New J-frame with A huge amound of options and functions to make the game perfect of every single player,

-Some options:

-Toggle x10 hits

-Custom hp bars

-Custom cursors

-A music player with beautiful tracks

-Hp above head option

-Screenshot option

-Alot of new maps

-New teleports with interfaces and new teleport graphics

-All working magics Including every lunar spell'

Every weapon with belongs to have a special attack has the real special attack WITH the original effects

-Interactive cache downloader and unpacker So you can exactly see your download progress

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